What is Distributed Hardware Evolution Project?

BOINC @ DHEP IS CURRENTLY NON-OPERATIONAL! We are working hard to get this to prod state.
If you'd like to join DHEP now you can download the DHEP standalone client.

DHEP allows you to host an island running a Genetic Algorithm in an island based coevolutionary setting synthesising future super-reliable electronics such as those used in autonomous vehicles, power stations, medical equipment, aerospace. These are of increasingly paramount importance as more and more human lives rely on well functioning hardware.

Observation of population dynamics will also help us understand Evolution, not only to harness it to reach 'better than human' designs, but also to learn how migration rates, genetic diversity and the inner mechanisms of genetic recombination have concerted to reach the biodiversity and wonder of living organisms today.

DHEP is based at the University of Sussex.

Find out more at www.dhep.ga and see our fine grained statistics to check the progress of the current run, the state of all the islands, the circuit diagrams of the best solutions, various rankings for each island, and even trace genetic strains and genealogy within the whole grid.

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