Current Goal

Evolving the following circuit with Concurrent Error Detection: MC Fault-Tolerant (Sequential with 18 gates and 3 latches). Current run Details and History.

[Help] Current Best Evolved Best Conventional Solution
Task Fitness 0.9999999999999997 1
Fault Secure11
Origin MonkeyDo3 Sis
Diagram here  

Fitness Graph

Plot of fitness of best individual on every island vs. time.

Task Fitness
Fault Secure


Island Topology

Each island is represented as a square in this 2D graph in its correct topological postion. Fitness is represented as a colour so that darker means fitter. Self-Testing is encoded in the red channel, Fault Secure in the green and Fault Secure in the blue. For eg. a yellow square would have a dark blue channel but light red and green, and since darker is better, then it has good Transitions but bad Self-Testing and Fault Secure fitnesses.

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Live Islands: 0