Diversity Analysis

This graph shows the average Hamming distance of the used bits across all individuals brought forth by islands. A more detailed view of genome diversity can be seen below.

Strains Analysis

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Each island is represented as a square in this 2D graph in its correct topological postion. The hamming distance of the best at each to the global best are pictured, each RGB colour channel representing one third of the genotype. The global best is shown as white with decreasing colour channel intensity showing increasing genetic variation. So an individual having the first third identical, and the other two thirds randomly different from the global best would be shown as red. Bits encoding gates disconnected from outputs (ie. spare genes) are not counted. Genetic diversity is desirable for avoiding global stasis.

Genomes - Show Differences from global best instead

Dark colour channels represent used bits set to one. Nonencoding sections and zeros are white.

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